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tv   Late Night With Seth Meyers  NBC  October 14, 2015 12:37am-1:37am EDT

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[ cheers and applause ] >> announcer: from 30 rockefeller plaza in new york, it's "late night with seth meyers." tonight -- sophia bush, from "red oaks," actor josh meyers, music from craig finn, featuring the 8g band with fred armisen. [ cheers and applause ] ladies and gentlemen, seth meyers! [ cheers and applause ] everybody! i'm seth meyers, this is "late night." good? everybody good? i'm glad to hear it. tonight, the democratic debate is happening this evening. aired. so if, you know, bernie sanders
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took a swing at lincoln chafee, well, that's why we're not making a joke about it. we didn't know. [ laughter ] all right everybody, let's get to it the news. cnn kept an extra podium set aside at tonight's democratic debate in case vice president joe biden had decided to announce his candidacy and now the empty podium is pulling ahead of martin o'malley. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] the first democratic primary debate was held tonight and was hosted by facebook. the debate featured martin o'malley, lincoln chafee, and jim webb. [ laughter ] [ applause ] jeb bush unveiled his healthcare plan today to repeal and replace obamacare. unfortunately the bikini waxing place by my apartment has already taken the name,
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[ laughter ] at an event yesterday, donald trump asked a young man who appeared to be asian-american if he was from south korea to which the man replied, "i was born in texas." trump was so embarrassed that his face turned red 20 years ago. [ laughter ] trump also said yesterday, that as a politician, you have to get along with everybody. and then he retired from politics. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] nbc announced that donald trump will be hosting "saturday night live" next month, though i suspect he will lose interest after he finds out that "snl" is 40 years old. [ laughter ] buzzfeed announced yesterday, that they will begin creating
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video ads for politicians. so get ready for 32 disney characters who look like bernie sanders. [ laughter ] "playboy" magazine announced today it will stop publishing nude photos of women starting next year. they intend to return to their original format as a magazine for rabbits who are going to prom. [ laughter ] that's right. "playboy" magazine is going to stop publishing nude photos of women starting next year. so now if you want to see a naked woman you'll have to go to hbo, showtime, cinemax, the internet, burning man, a peta protest, perfume ads, or espn the magazine. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] not a lot of options, is what i'm saying. a new study found that people who take their coffee black are more likely to exhibit psychopathic traits. and people who order a quad shot nonfat vanilla soy extra foam light whip with carmel drizzle are more likely to be their
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victims. [ laughter ] [ applause ] what is taking so long! i need my black coffee! an airplane was forced to land on interstate 84 in idaho during rush hour this morning after the plane experienced issues with the landing gear. it was extremely dangerous, because he nearly hit the car. [ laughter ] and finally, a restaurant in new york has launched a new promotion that will award a customer a 10% ownership stake if they manage to finish a 30-pound burrito and a margarita in an hour or less. the 10% you'll own will be the bathroom. [ laughter ] ladies and gentlemen, we have an excellent show for you tonight.
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she was -- i think she was a guest on our fourth show. here she is back tonight, i think our 274th show. every 270 shows like clockwork. you can count on the star of "chicago p.d.," sophia bush, to show up to "late night with seth meyers." [ cheers and applause ] so very happy to have her back. he is on amazon's new show, that -- you might know him from i know him as my brother, tonight. [ cheers and applause ] this evening. and he is one of my favorite musicians, great singer/songwriter, craig finn is stopping by the show to join us this evening. [ cheers and applause ] we had a lot of fun last night on the show, olivia wilde, the lovely olivia wilde stopped by. we did something called the "actathalon" where olivia ran around an obstacle course where she had to do different things actors would have to do in movies. one of the things she had to do was throw a glass of wine in my face.
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let's take a look at that real quick. [ applause ] >> seth: hey there, beautiful. [ ding ] [ laughter ] >> seth: okay. so the reason i showed it to you, it wasn't wine, it was apple juice. but i show that because you cannot -- i cannot express to you how much my eyes hurt. [ laughter ] like, i cannot -- i thought i was gonna be blind forever. [ laughter ] hot apple juice in the eye. also, when i walked over, we hadn't rehearsed it yet. we rehearsed with empty glasses and it was apple juice to the top of the class. we have a photo -- also, olivia, you know, i don't wanna criticize her. i think she threw it too hard. that's a photo, a still photo, of her throwing the apple juice in my face. [ laughter ] that's what it looks like when you blow your brains out. [ laughter ] that is -- but despite how much my eyes hurt and despite the fact that i thought i would never see again, i'm really -- i don't brag a lot, but i feel like i did an excellent job of not showing the audience how
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much my eyes hurt and i really felt like i kept it together. here i am after that happened. >> seth: oh! look at this! [ cheers and applause ] that was excellent. let's go to our judging table with your final score. [ laughter ] our judges, as everyone knows, johnny depp impersonators. [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: inscrutable! [ cheers and applause ] no one can ever know. what i'm feeling. the ice man. [ laughter ] now, if i may, there is something that i have been meaning to get off my chest. yesterday i was looking around my apartment for a late night snack when i found a can of pringles, and i'm sorry, i have to say this, serving sizes are too small. >> at this point in the broadcast, seth launched into a 60-second profanity laden tirade about serving sizes, and in his opinion, how they are an arbitrary limit on how many delicious snacks a person can eat. network policy prevents us from broadcasting his comments but do to a technical issue we were unable to edit this portion of
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the show. [ laughter ] in short, seth believes that serving sizes are unrealistically low amount of food, unless you are a child or a small bird. [ laughter ] then to illustrate his point, seth said that, "the serving size for pringles is 16 chips but the slogan for pringles is 'once you pop, you just can't stop'." adding, "which is it, pringles? which is it?" seth then reached for a chip, paused, and said, "can we talk about the design of the container? [ laughter ] shouldn't we widen it?" revealing that his hand was now stuck in the can. [ laughter ] he then spent the next few seconds trying to get it off, like some kind of wounded raccoon. finally giving up, seth sighed. "i guess this is who i am now," before turning to the audience and screaming, "you got used to you'll get use to this." [ laughter ] seth then claimed that no one should be able to tell him how much should eat. at which point his rant was interrupted by a delivery guy who said that he had an order for seth meyers, three fried dumplings, orange chicken, beef with broccoli and pork fried rice. to which seth responded, "yes, that's right." [ laughter ] "how many sets of silverware do
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you want?" to which seth responded, "four," which was clearly a lie. [ laughter ] they stared at each other for an uncomfortable amount of time. until the delivery guy asked, "what's wrong with your hand?" to which seth replied, "this is who i am now." [ laughter ] nbc would like viewers to disregard seth's opinions about serving sizes as they do not reflect the network's position and make him seem like a raving lunatic. [ laughter ] we now resume our broadcast. [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: sorry serving sizes, but you just got served! woo! that felt good to get off my chest. we'll be back with more "late night."
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[ cheers and applause ] >> seth: welcome back, everybody! real quick, give it up for the 8g band, best band in "late night." so happy they're here. [ cheers and applause ] and so, so happy to have fred here tonight. thank you for being here, fred. >> my pleasure. >> seth: as you guys -- we've been talking about it this week. as you guys may or may not know, fred loves tv. and we live in a time with so much good tv, so much good tv, it's hard to watch it all. i don't know how he does it, but fred watches everything, which brings us to a segment we call, fred armisen's extremely accurate tv recap. [ cheers and applause ] so i went -- fred,ast night, "gotham," the television show
12:51 am
"gotham" on fox was on and as you know, this show is about gotham city before batman became batman. and this season is about the rise of the villains, so i didn't have time to watch it. did you watch it last night and was a new villain introduced? >> you didn't have time to watch it? >> seth: no. i haven't watched it. >> you haven't seen it. >> seth: no, i haven't seen it. >> it's so good you have to see it. >> seth: oh, great. that's great. so what happened last night? >> there's this villain like the band-aid villain, made of band-aids. [ light laughter ] but the way he was created was -- everyone in the city of gotham is like guys, let's get all the used band-aids together. [ light laughter ] listen to me, everyone in the city, listen, listen. let's get these band-aids together. [ light laughter ] >> seth: who is saying that? who is telling everyone to listen? >> this representative of the city. [ laughter ] so he's like, "guys, i can wait all night. but i want to get it together. so all right, i'll wait." and then he's like "get these band-aids together. and we'll make --" >> seth: so he was waiting for everyone to quiet down? >> yeah. >> seth: so how long did that scene take? >> that was like a 20-minute scene.
12:52 am
[ laughter ] so they were like let's create a villain we can control. let's get one together, we can put together and prop up in the middle of gotham and then we can attack it. and that's what they did. and that's how the episode went, attacking this band-aid monster. [ light laughter ] >> seth: so the people of gotham built a man out of band-aids just so they could attack it. >> yes, and that's how come it was the ultimate villain. [ light laughter ] >> seth: a villain made out of used band-aids was the ultimate villain. >> yes, that's how they got the morale up. that's the whole -- see, gotham is all about morale. it's all about, like, what makes people tick. and that's the beauty of it. it was kind of dark but kind of cool. [ laughter ] >> seth: that's fantastic. because the "tv guide" actually said described the episode as the new police captain assembles a law-abiding task force with gordon's help and the penguin is caught up in a favor. >> oh, but that's part of it. that makes sense. [ light laughter ] >> seth: i think you should have mentioned at least some of that. >> yeah. but that's part of it. [ light laughter ] >> seth: thank you so much for the recap. >> i can't wait for you to see it. [ laughter ]
12:53 am
>> seth: speaking of batman, comic-con was in new york city. yeah, give it up for fred, everybody. [ cheers and applause ] so speaking of batman, comic-con was in new york city last weekend. i'm a big fan of comic-con and one of my favorite things about it, is how the people who go there are so enthusiastic about what they wear and the way they dress. so anyways, we decided to go and stop by. >> we're at new york city comic-con, where i'm finally going to get a chance to interview some of the guests we've never been able to book. our next guest was bitten by a radioactive spider and he hasn't stopped talking about it since. please welcome your friendly neighborhood spider-man. >> glad to be here. i love new york. >> seth: is it weird to ask spider-man to wear a spider-man backpack? >> my aunt may, she packed me a lunch so i just -- you know, put it in the backpack. >> seth: spider-man wearing a spider-man backpack sounds like something a kardashian would do. [ light laughter ] >> i'm not going to worry
12:54 am
>> seth: that's a good point. i'm going to list off emotions and i want you to do your best to show me how it would look on spider-man. ready? happiness. [ light laughter ] fear, empathy. jealousy. [ laughter ] our next guest is a patriot, veteran and shield enthusiast. please welcome captain america. how are you? thank you so much for being here. take a seat. my first question, with everything going on in the world with all the global conflict, is comic-con the best place for captain america to be right now? [ light laughter ] i know this is a difficult question, but who is batman? >> he's bruce wayne. [ light laughter ] >> seth: i don't think you're supposed to tell me that. >> i don't care. he stinks. do you think i would be wearing this? >> seth: we're here with andrew from midtown comics.
12:55 am
thank you so much for joining us. >> seth: how are you? >> good. >> how are you? >> seth: so a lot of people at comic-con are buying new comics and a lot of people are buying old comics, rare comics. is this a good place to find them? >> yes. >> seth: i went through my collection and found some of my rare comics. these were incredibly unpopular at the time but now i'm wondering if you can tell me if they would have value. a very rare issue, the audit of superman. superman took on the irs. do you remember that? >> vaguely. maybe a little bit. >> seth: it was like a six-part series, very boring. this -- oh, my goodness. i still remember the first time i read this. spidey's search for a public bathroom? >> oh, yeah. [ light laughter ] >> seth: where did he go? i'll never forget this one. wolverine trades in his conversion van and i think you remember from the cover, wolverine is very upset. obviously not getting trade-in value that he thought. this was my favorite, a crossover -- famously people remember superman, muhammad ali. you remember that issue. >> yeah, yeah. >> seth: but this -- never forget, fantastic four met
12:56 am
[ light laughter ] let me see that thing. please welcome another spider-man. do you guys think there have been too many spider-man movies? >> no. >> seth: do you think there have been too many fantastic four movies? >> yes. >> yes. >> seth: so which one of you is the real spider-man? [ talking over each other ] why are you wearing glasses? >> i have poor eyesight. [ light laughter ] it's astigmatism. >> seth: does it get in the way of web slinging? >> sometimes. >> seth: have you thought about lasik? >> not yet. >> tough it out. >> seth: our next guest is a vigilante and an orphan who rarely does talk show appearances. please welcome batman. >> thank you. >> seth: now, your voice seems a little more normal than the batman i'm accustomed to. >> yeah, i could use a batman voice. >> seth: okay, cool. could you do the batman voice at a drive-thru ordering a whopper, medium fries and a coke. >> i would like a whopper, medium fries and i'll take a coke.
12:57 am
>> seth: i'm sorry, can you say that again, sir? >> i would like a whopper, medium fries and a large coke. >> seth: can you speak up a little bit sir? >> i'll take a whopper, medium fries and a large coke. >> seth: oh, my god are you batman? now in your batman voice, just like that, but you're returning underwear at target, because it's the wrong size. >> i need to return these. >> seth: what's wrong with them? >> i bought the wrong size. i ate too many whoppers. [ laughter ] >> seth: so i want to ask you sort of a psychological question. do you think a situation where the villains exist because of batman -- i'm sorry, wait -- where did he go? >> i'm right here! mother[ bleep ] [ laughter ] >> seth: why did you do that? >> i'm batman. >> seth: whoever said never meet your heroes is wrong. this was new york city comic-con. [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: thank you to everybody who helped at the comic-con. we'll be right back with more
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[ cheers and applause ] >> seth: welcome back, everybody! our first guest stars in nbc's hit show "chicago pd," new episodes air wednesday nights at 10:00 p.m. let's take a look. >> looks like he's picking up another girl. lacy collins bought her a bus ticket. she gets into downtown on the 946 from st. paul. >> hit it. >> hank. i tried talking to bunny. she already spoke to beckett's lawyers. i can't help but think this is about me. >> this is all bunny. >> seth: please welcome back to the show sophia bush!
1:03 am
>> seth: i love when you -- that you guys talk on the show, because you have a really smoky voice and he has a gravelly voice and every conversation you have is wonderful. >> yeah. >> seth: because he's all like down here. >> he's like, "what did you do?" and i'm like, "i don't know what i did." kind of like batman. >> seth: it's like gritty. it's super gritty. it is very batman. >> i also love that whenever there is a freeze frame moment like that, it's never when i'm like -- it's always -- it goes out on -- [ light laughter ] or i'm at adr looping lines and i'm like -- so when the camera freezes, i'm like, "great." >> seth: we were backstage and someone was taking pictures and you changed the way you were talking. explain why you did that. >> so there is always someone photographing when people are talking. because this is a nice moment rather than being like, "hi, this is my outfit." you know, people having a conversation. >> seth: a nice candid photo. >> and i'm standing there with you and josh, and this man comes and i meet him. he was like, "yeah, so anyways, things are great." and they both looked at me like, what are you doing? i'm like, "i'm always the one?" you guys will be in the picture laughing, looking handsome, and
1:04 am
in the middle of saying something and it's the worst. so i get like really awkward now. >> seth: you made your mouth very small. >> in the picture i'm scarlet johansson. she always kind of looks like this. i'm just going to talk like this. >> seth: now you know my brother josh. >> yes. >> seth: you guys went on a vacation together. not just the two of you, i should point out. a lot of people. >> i mean, he's ludicrously handsome, but no. it was not just the two of us. a lot of people -- some mutual crazy friends put together this trip to panama. and i get an e-mail and it says, "36 people, we rented an island, boats, fishing." and i'm like, "rented an island? like are we beyonce?" [ light laughter ] >> seth: that's fantastic. that's beyonce life. >> and it's really inexpensive. and i'm like, "i'm in for this." so i book a ticket, i go to panama. and we pick this boat ride that's really scary.
1:05 am
it's this big. literally like i could see from here to the other side of it. there's two tiki huts, no towels, no blankets. and i'm like, "so where are we sleeping? [ light laughter ] and what is there to eat here?" and like twice a day these very sweet men would show up with fried fish and i was like, "okay." >> seth: and they would throw it at you as they boated by? [ laughter ] >> yeah. and i was like, well, i like to camp but usually when i camp i pack the things i need. i didn't know i needed anything here. >> seth: you didn't know you were going camping. >> no, i had a bathing suit, a book and a bottle of sunscreen. and i was like, "this is it. this is my new year's." >> seth: i like the idea that someone in panama said, "hey, i rented the rock." and someone said, "how did you rent a rock?" and he said, "i called it an island." >> yeah. [ laughter ] >> seth: i called it an island and then people paid up money for it. these lazy american people paid for it, yeah. >> seth: we'll have to bring the boat by and throw fish at them. >> any time. >> seth: so you obviously have been playing a police officer, now. a cop, if you will, for a while.
1:06 am
you used to be afraid of cops. has it changed, playing one in tv? >> you know what it is? i think everybody has that experience for, like -- if you're driving on the freeway and a cop pulls behind you and immediately you feel like you've been called to the principal's office. and you're like, "what did i do? did i not put my turn signal on for long enough? do i have my seatbelt on? of course i have my seatbelt on. is it over my shoulder?" and immediately i'm in a panic. and now i'm the weirdo in reverse. when i see police officers at the airport, i'm like, "thank you so much for doing your job and working so hard. and can i hug you?" and they're like, "no." [ laughter ] >> seth: i think they'd rather than someone hug them at an airport. >> totally. i learned now, the hard way, if you're too friendly at the airport you get random selected and they go through your bag. >> seth: really? >> oh, yeah. >> seth: for friendliness. definitely a terrorist. nice." only terrorists would like overcompensate so much. they be like, "hey, you're the best, you're the best." >> oh my god, i play a cop on tv. i just think you're really nice. i'm going to go now. >> seth: you are someone who is a very nice person. we met on an airplane and you
1:07 am
and you do a lot of humanitarian work. and you have -- explain real quick -- is it called the "girls project"? >> the "girls project," yeah. >> seth: the "girl project" which is an initiative. so you're going conjunction with michelle obama. explain this real quick. >> yeah. the first lady just launched her 62 million girls campaign, and in conjunction actually, because "glamour" magazine reaches one out of every eight women in america. they decided they wanted to do something to chance the world with that audience. and we've launched an initiative called "the girl project." and it's working on making sure that those 62 million girls, 50 million of which are girls who don't have access to secondary school education, get educated. and what excites me about the girl project it's working both in the united states and all around the globe. so, i love that you can make a difference in your backyard and halfway around the world at the same time. >> seth: that's wonderful. congratulations on that. [ cheers and applause ] i'm so happy you're doing that. >> yeah. and we're about to launch this big fund-raiser with omaze. so keep your eyes peeled at
1:08 am
i can't promise the first lady will be there. >> seth: okay. so this is what i want to talk about. because i feel like you will script in your head somebody you want to hang out and you will will it to happen. you and i share a love of friday night lights. and because of that, i think that anybody who watches the connie britton. >> everyone. >> seth: you have this crush. >> totally. >> seth: and you wanted -- so you made this happen. you made a friendship happen. >> i secreted that. >> seth: okay, you did the secret. where you just wanted to be true. >> yes, and i thought that that book was total bull. and now i'm friends with connie britton and maybe it's not. i didn't make a vision board because that's creepy but i just basically told everyone who was listening that she was fully my girl crush. i'm like, "not only is she fabulous and fierce and the best actress and she has the best hair and she works at the u.n." i was like, "this woman is nailing it." person you could have a whiskey >> seth: yeah, she does. >> so, my best friend jed and i discovered that we both feel the and he is like, "she lives in nashville, my mom lives in we'll find her." and at that point i was like, "people say [ bleep ] like that to me on twitter, like, 'i'm
1:09 am
going find you,' and i'm like, 'you're creepy.'" [ light laughter ] i was like, let's just see if we and about two or three years ago, maybe, three years ago, i took jed as my date to the white we zeroed in on that red hair, and we were like, "there is tami taylor, connie britton, the queen. introduce ourselves to her, because we'd already had a whiskey. and we went and said hi, and she was so sweet and we started talking about world changing and women in entertainment and all of these random things. and we wound up just sharing a couple of whiskeys. cut to this summer, i actually was in africa, i brought connie to uganda with me and we're sitting on the nile drinking whiskey with her 4-year-old and who became your friend and now you're my bestie. i did it, i win." [ laughter ] >> seth: congratulations. >> thank you. [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: when you think back to that first time you approached it, because you made it seem very normal just now.
1:10 am
do you think you were normal, or do you think you overheated or were a super weirdo? >> so here's the thing i know that i can overheat and be a weirdo and my friends tell me this. they're like, "sophia, whether you like the word or not, you're famous. you can't be weird to famous people." and i'm always like, "i think that you're so awesome. do you want to hang out? can we have dinner?" and people are like, "no." [ light laughter ] so i had that moment where i was like, "okay, just be normal. say hey, how are you?" and i just sort of let jed do the talking until my heart rate slowed down and then i think i spoke like a human. and that's probably why we're actually friends. >> seth: that's fantastic. so congratulations not only on your humanitarian work but something that is more important, which is being friends with connie britton. >> it is the most important thing in the world. >> seth: it is the most important thing in the world. and thank you so much for being here. give it up for sophia bush, everybody. [ cheers and applause ] "chicago p.d." airs wednesday nights at 10:00 on nbc. we'll be right back with my brother, josh meyers.
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you say avocado old el paso says... zesty chicken and avocado tacos in our stand 'n stuff tortillas . (record scratch) you say stand n' stuff tortillas old el paso says... start somewhere fresh [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: our next guest tonight is an actor and comedian who you know from his work on "mad tv," "that 70s show" and is the voice of perfect man in the animated hulu series "the awesome's." he can also be seen in the new amazon comedy "red oaks," playing a freelance photographer named barry. let's take a look. >> with something like this. you know, i just want to always pop that hip, that always works. you could, you know just -- i'll keep shooting if you want to just like walk upstairs, something like that. just want to pop that hip. that always looks so good. >> oh.
1:16 am
>> hang on. >> oh, thank you. >> should help. ready? >> ready. >> this single is so boss. let's do this. >> seth: please welcome back to the show, my brother, josh meyers! [ cheers and applause ] i'm always so happy to have you here. this is very exciting. >> it's great. great to be back. i was worried that you weren't excited about this time, because i e-mailed seth on friday and i said, "hey, i'm going to be in new york monday afternoon, are you going to be able to watch the steeler game?" and you wrote back, "yes! what are you doing in town?" and so i'm going to be a guest on your show. [ laughter ] be a guest on your television show. >> seth: i hadn't forgotten.
1:17 am
i have a lot of guests. >> yeah, hopefully that helps if you ever have guests that you forget about in the future, if they're ever offended, you can >> seth: there was a time i forgot my own brother. forgot about him. we did, though, we got to watch the steelers game last night. so exciting. >> so exciting. >> seth: now we -- my mom, our mom -- my mom. [ laughter ] don't take this personally. my mom. >> what's she like? [ laughter ] >> seth: our mom -- you communicate with her more than i do, because you play words with friends with her. and she uses words with friends as her main texting device. >> she does not know how to text unless it's within the words with friends sort of text option. >> seth: yeah, so every time you say mom just said, i look over and there is like a scrabble board. >> right. >> seth: so can you read some of the things, because you were reading to me, and i couldn't help but note how strange these would be to people who don't know our family. d-money night night. i'm back to the gin bottle. i could throw up. [ laughter ]
1:18 am
beginning to the end. be the sort of rosetta stone of this line. >> d money is our father. so d-money, daddy, night night, asleep. i'm back to the gin bottle, i'm drinking. [ laughter ] i could throw up. i'm drinking. [ laughter and applause ] >> seth: so last time i saw you, "red oaks," fantastic show. >> thank you. >> seth: you came to town for the premiere. and it's such a great cast. richard kind, paul reiser, just wonderful actors that -- gina gershon. and mom and dad came in for that and they got to meet some of the cast. they got to meet paul reiser. how did they behave there? >> i feel like 12 and a half years on "snl," you know, they've been here, they've met their fair share of celebrities, and paul reiser was in the lobby and i went over and i said, "hey, can i introduce you to my parents?" and he's like, "oh, yeah, of course. i say, "hey, my mom, my dad, this is paul reiser, and right you!
1:19 am
such a rookie move. and then paul reiser, so charming, he's like, "oh, i'm mad about you, nice to meet you." [ light laughter ] i can't imagine the number of times people have said that to him. >> seth: a lot of people have busted him with that. richard kind, both of them have been on the show recently. they're both so delightful. richard kind, you sort of got to drive around with him a lot because you filmed in new york. so you sort of drive around in the transportation van together. and you were telling me that richard kind is always negotiating. >> he's always negotiating. he's always trying to figure out, how can i get like oh, maybe the transportation guys can pick up my daughter from camp and bring her here, so i don't have to get her later, and then we could maybe play golf or we could hit some golf balls. or we were sharing a van back to the city once. he's in manhattan and he's like, "oh, you're dropping him in brooklyn? conditioner in brooklyn. can we drop him first, get the air conditioner." and the guy driving is like, "no, i'm dropping the van in red hook when i'm done with him." and like --
1:20 am
>> seth: always negotiating. >> always negotiating. >> seth: he also said you have what he called a perfect rams horn haircut on this show. fair point. those do look like rams horns. [ laughter ] >> yeah, yeah. >> seth: is this a look -- does >> she doesn't. i would say that like every -- every background actor or actress from around, like, 55, 65, they're really into it. >> seth: okay, gotcha. >> everyone comes up to me and says i dated someone who looked just like you. like guys, girls, everyone dated somebody who looked like this. [ laughter ] and it like -- it worked. it worked for people. and like people would be like, man, you have such a great d.a. >> seth: what is a d.a.? >> a d.a. is when the back of your hair folds together in a perfect duck's ass. >> seth: oh wow. [ laughter ] which is desirable. >> seth: wow, so you have a d.a. turn your back of your head to that camera right there so we can see. >> i don't know if it's d.a.'s right now, but probably. >> seth: it looks kind of like a duck's ass, yeah. [ laughter ] pretty good.
1:21 am
premiere was it was at the ziegfeld movie theater, which is at beautiful old theater. incredibly classy place to have a premiere. did you find it classy when you got there? >> it's a 1,600 seat movie theatre, and i was really impressed. it was almost full. it's a tv show and i was impressed with amazon for the job they did to put it on. and then i was wondering, "who are all these people? how did they get all these people to come see a tv show that nobody knows yet?" and i walked into the bathroom and a guy was coming out of a stall, and spat on the ground, and walked out. and he was there to see the show. [ laughter ] and then i was going to the sink to wash my hands and another guy walked in, and he said, "what's the show, what is it?" and i was like, "it's a new show for amazon." "what channel is that?" "it's not a channel, it's amazon." "and it's the 80s?" and i was like, "yeah, it's really fun and the 80s were great." and at this point he's urinating and looking over his shoulder and talking to me while i'm watching my hands. he's like, "you know the 80s weren't fun for everyone.
1:22 am
i had a good buddy, 1989, killed himself. [ laughter ] and i was like, "go ahead and enjoy the show, sir. glad you could be here." >> seth: that's nice. that is a nice 80s memory. >> yeah. >> seth: i also like that he was doing that while he was going to the bathroom. that's a nice way to remember your friend. >> yeah. >> seth: this i want to talk to you about because we -- social media, you're very new to twitter. it's been around for a while. >> and i'm a social media luddite. i don't like it. i think it's stupid. i read your tweets. i think they're useless. >> seth: okay. [ laughter ] >> it's like all of them -- i still have yet to read a tweet i find interesting. i've started tweeting out of sort of necessity. my girlfriend is like you have to tweet. people are like you need to. so i'm doing it, but reluctantly. >> seth: yeah, well, you're certainly doing a good sales pitch. i'm following you on twitter. [ laughter ] >> no, but like -- you'll be like, "northwestern looks great this year." it's like who cares what you think about northwestern?
1:23 am
colin jost." just watch weekend update. watch "saturday night live." but everyone weighs in. last night we're watching the football game and something happens and you're like, "have to tell everyone what i think." [ light laughter ] who cares what you think? >> seth: i'll tell you why i did that because the only person that was watching with was you. and if i'd have told you, you would have told me to shut the [ bleep ] up. [ laughter ] i can talk to my friends i don't know. [ light laughter ] >> yeah, exactly. >> seth: i do it as a public service to you. we're going to lower third the @thejoshmeyers. and again, because obviously, they're missing out on a lot not following you on twitter. [ laughter ] >> every time i hit send or tweet, i'm like -- i don't know. it's terrible. [ laughter ] yeah, i feel forced into it and i don't like it. >> seth: okay, gotchya. i think that's clear. i think everybody tracks that. the beard, how long are we keeping it? >> i don't know. until someone pays me to take it off. >> seth: gotchya. that's great. >> it makes dad angry, which is fun. >> seth: he doesn't like it.
1:24 am
show, he really, really hates. >> seth: this could be a young picture of dad. if he had a mustache forever. >> yeah, which he couldn't hate more. also, he's larry, i'm barry. >> seth: so he thinks it's based on him. >> i don't know about that, but i just know like people who are watching the show who know us, just like, looking at it and being like, "oh, yeah, he really does look like larry meyers, which has to just drive him nuts. >> seth: i think it should make him happy. >> that's what i think. >> seth: yeah. you're a handsome dude. he should be super happy he used to look like that. >> yeah, i don't know. he's not into it. >> seth: i guess. >> he's very particular. if you ever met my dad -- [ laughter ] "red oaks"! [ cheers and applause ] currently streaming in amazon. check out season three of "the awesome's" now available on hulu. we'll be right back with music from craig finn. [ cheers and applause ] alaska. finally.
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[ cheers and applause ] >> seth: my next guest is the lead singer of one of our favorite bands "the hold steady." he just released his solo album "faith in the future." performing "maggie, i've been searching for a son" please welcome back to the show craig finn. [ cheers and applause ] there's a darkness in my body and i think i might be ready
1:31 am
maggie i've been searching for our son there's a big hole in my thinking lately i've been seeing things maggie i'm still searching for our son if you're down and out if you still have any doubts if you doubt that there's a savior yet to come stop what you're doing close your eyes and keep on breathing and slowly turn your face up to the sun it was warm in arizona it was cold in colorado maggie i've been searching for our son there were crosses on the altar there was gold in el dorado maggie i've got blisters
1:32 am
if you're all strung out if you still have any doubts if you doubt that there's a rapture yet to come hey, pick up the paper see the stories and the pictures a kid went to the movies with a gun there's a house out in the desert and i lived there with some people
1:33 am
maggie that guy said he was our savior but once he took our women and turned us into his soldiers he hit a patch of radical behavior and the atf were belligerent there were handcuffed girls with barely any clothes there was power in their numbers there was silver in their holsters and the trucks as they came rolled slowly up the road there's a darkness in my body and i think i might be ready if you're stuck down south if you still have any doubts if you doubt that there's
1:34 am
there's a darkness in my body and i think i might be ready maggie i'm still searching for our son maggie i'm still searching for our son [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: craig finn, everybody. "faith in the future" is out now and head over to for another great performance of the song "newmyer's roof." we'll be right back. [ cheers and applause ] >> announcer: the "late night" music experience is brought to you by t-mobile. t-mobile is setting music free. stream all the music you want. data charges do not apply. want more late night music? watch premiere performances at
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